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About Us

Building Brands through Brand Management, Digital Advertising, Public Relations, ATL & BTL Activities like TVC, Radio, Newspaper ads, Hoardings, Events, Petrol Pump Canopies, Kiosks, Exhibition Stalls and More

How We Became Rachnakaar

Rachnakaar means one who is capable of creating anything! Becoming Rachnakaar wasn’t just a mere selection of a name, but a journey of 32 glorious years of quality work. Let us take you through the journey of becoming a Rachnakaar.


Entering into a business in the late 80’s itself was a major risk. However, in 1989, Pranesh Mudholkar decided to start ‘Om Enterprises’, a company that would work on the creation of Insulation sleeves, which would, in turn, protect people from short circuits or electrical shocks. It started by supplying the material to the Evergreen group of companies, and after a few years, it began supplying it to L & T and its subsidiaries. Om Enterprises – Sleeves is still a quality brand in the insulation sleeve industry.


We gradually extended our facilities and established Om Enterprises-Petroleum in 2004 with RVI to facilitate the branding for petrol pumps under the mentorship of Evergreen group of companies. By 2009, Om Enterprises had prestigious Petrol Pump giants like BPCL, IOCL, HPCL and ESSAR as clients to create and install their canopies and RVI. Om Enterprises also worked with other construction clients and was a part of the team that built ‘Chhatrapati Shivaji Domestic Airport.’


By 2014, Om Enterprises had progressed to creating, maintaining and dismantling anything and everything through various projects. But there was still a whole other area of creation that had yet to join in.


In 2017, Mr. Prajkat Mudholkar, the next generation of entrepreneurs joined the business. He noticed a huge unorganized market of sellers trying to sell on Facebook and Whats App and decided to create a multi-vendor eCommerce platform for sellers to sell without any commissions. With this concept, a venture named ‘Teri Dukaan’ was formed, which would charge a fixed fee instead of a hefty commission on each sale.

While ‘Teri Dukaan’ worked for hundreds of sellers, Prajkat was busy gaining experience with a top advertising agency called ‘Collateral – The StoryTeller’ and worked as a Brand Manager for a startup, ‘Inspire Young India’, which was owned by the ex-VP of Leo Burnett, Mr. Hitesh Mehta.


Shortly after IYI, in March 2018, a boutique advertising agency called ‘Prajkat Mudholkar’s Office’ aka ‘PM’s Office’ was started in Mumbai. By the end of 2019, PM’s Office Ad agency had its offices in Mumbai, Pune and Nashik. By collaborating with ‘Om Enterprises’, the PM’s Office turned into an advertising 360 agency, an agency that served in both, Digital and Traditional advertising.


By 2020, we were creating anything and everything in both the offline and digital spaces. But then the pandemic struck and everyone was going through a tough time. The digital infrastructure was just starting to build. Understanding that situation, we decided to help the education sector in India to go digital. Thus, SurakshitShiksha was born. Surakshit is the best E-Learning Management System created with a focus on the Indian Education System. A completely free and 100% data secured E-Learning Management System for Indian School, Colleges and NGOs.

Even today, after becoming ‘Rachnakaar Enterprises Pvt. Ltd.’ we still strive to get into more service sectors, and will soon be announcing our next sister company in the medical sector!

Who Made Us Rachnakaar

Prajkat Mudholkar


Pranesh Mudholkar


Bhagyashree Mudholkar


John DoeDesignation & Company Name
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Ashwati AthilatSr. Manager - Marketing & Events
Campden Family Connect
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We have been working with Prajkat and his team since 2019. Over the course of time and assignments, Prajkat has also grown to understand our brand better, the level flexibilities that can be accommodated and has proved himself as an extension of the corporate brand team. He engages in creative debates, which makes the client also re-think the design output. Approachable, accessible, reasonably priced, quality output- are some words to describe his/team’s work.
Deepti Sawant-ShettyProgram Manager
RAAY Foundation
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Your professionalism and patience to understand our requirements thoroughly and execute them within a short timeline is commendable. We admire your ability to go beyond the requisite call of duty to deliver a high-quality website for our Foundation. Your willingness to always bring you’re A-game to the table at any given point is definitely the strong suit of your company.
I would highly recommend your team to any organization looking for a design revamp.